Views of 4 HR Leaders On Digital World of Work 

Hey guys! As we all know this is the era of Digital HR. It is coming fast into the world, bringing together social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies efficiency of an organisation but its power have only commenced.

Let’s see the views of different HR specialists to look upon the challenges faced by them because of “Digital World”.

  • Steve Browne (Executive Director of HR, LaRosa’s)


Being an Executive Director, he has the responsibility of strategizing things for more than 1400 employees. We can imagine how difficult his task must be. He says that “Our approach to Hr has been more old school till now “but he appreciates the fact that now we have apps and systems that various HR people can use. Many online tools are available which are not tied to app yet but in near future it will be as said by him. Yes the world is switching from laptops to mobiles so it becomes necessary to have a mobile friendly tool. According to him the key isn’t brand name but making sure that Tech meets HR needs. The Tech needs to fit in organisation’s culture as well as needs of HR and workers. He thinks that Digital HR is our entity; it will not substitute people but bring new ways of practicing HR. It is a natural development but it needs to be taking more rapidly.

         Agree to all his points. Let’s see views of another HR.


  • Alexey Mitkin (Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, The HR Tech weekly)

     According to him all HR professionals are not ready to use HR Tech. Why? He has reasons for it:

  • Human Nature : Human have the tendency to oppose change

  • Rapid development of New HR technologies: As soon as a HR become friendly with one tool another recent tool comes up and it becomes difficult for him to adapt the change

  • Level of user experience v/s complexity of new solutions

  • Gap between organizations expectations and HR delivery

 According to him today to come on top HR needs to construct effective combination of traditional as well as digital methods

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  • Kristi Weierbach (Manager,HR/Payroll Advisory Services , Stambaugh Ness)

She has worked on various types of Digital HR in her career including recruiting/on boarding solutions, training and performance management solutions and compensation/benefit management systems. According to her HR systems can help HR departments to reach most favorable performance but considerable time and energy is required to set up and execute any type of HR Technology. For all members of a company to get benefits from an HR solution, it must be a system of involving rather than being just a record. Technology has changed the way of communicating with workers and she is looking forward to evolution of HR profession.

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Let’s see views of other specialist.


  • Adriano Corso (Sourcing Science/Digital Recruiting Consultant , IBM)

According to him, a single tool can’t serve all the purposes that’s why we need combination of tools, platforms  and Saas  in combination with a great team to get successful. He always looks for new tools which can be implemented. He says “In my experience, Marketing Automation tools play a key role in recruitment”. He suggests that all companies should think out of the box to understand user in a better way. He says that recruitment and HR rely on human relationships and connections even though we currently use digital platforms.

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Thank you everyone for reading this blog. At last I would like to state a famous quote by Andrew Keen “Being human in digital world is about building a digital world for humans”. To get digital visit  retasaan now !

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