Conversion of analog information, text, photographs, etc. into a digital format ensuring all pages are accounted for and processed with integrated security and confidentiality measures. These documents are then retrievable based on several filters. In addition, facility is given for comments and reminders.


Documents are a very critical part of the business. Great care should be taken to design an efficient indexing strategy. We index documents according to client needs making them easily searchable. The indexed information is integrated into a database which provides a framework for users to locate & retrieve the documents easily.

Physical Storage

Physical records are stored securely in an offsite location with the following infrastructure facilities.

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Fire preventive smoke detectors & alarm systems
  • Comprehensive fire fighting equipment
  • Dust & pest free environment
  • Heavy duty modular racking system
  • All records indexed & tracked
  • 24×7 Power backup
  • Secure transportation


Important and sensitive documents have to be disposed of properly. The process can be complicated when you are handling a significant number of documents. Our shredders are equipped to handle fast destruction of these documents.