Hello everyone! Today we will understand the process of recycling a shredded paper. I hope you all know what is shredding? But for those who don’t shredding is the process of disposing off your documents which are not needed by you in such a way that none of the information on documents is visible. Why is it important? To prevent identity theft, disclosure of confidential information and many more reasons. But one important aspect that we forget is that we can regenerate shredded paper, if we do so, we help the environment a lot as it reduces cutting of trees for paper. Let’s see how it is done.

Material Required

• Shredded paper
• Warm Water
• Blender
• Frame (of required size)
• Two towels
• Sponge
• Tub

Steps to Follow

• Place your shredded paper into blender.
• Fill the blender with warm water.
• Blend the paper till a smooth pulp is formed.
• Prepare a tub that is deep enough to completely submerge the mould and frame.
• Place your frame over the screen side so that both frame and mould are evenly edged.
• Dip your mould and frame in a tub with screen facing upwards.
• Hold the frame and mould parallel to water and pull them outside, hold them there to let the water drain out.
• When most of the water has been drained, lift the frame off the mould gently.
• Carefully flip it onto a towel with pulp-side facing the towel.
• Use sponge to dab excess water from pulp
• When you are done with sponging, carefully lift your mould off the couched pulp, starting with edges.
• Place the other towel on your freshly pulled paper sheet and press it.(Either press it by hand or place something heavy on it )
• Once you are done with pressing and drying, you can place it on the towel or iron it, dye it in different colors.

So, here it was the method of how to recycle a shredded paper. Now you must be thinking how to shred the paper. Well leave it on us contact Retasaan for getting your documents shred. Important and sensitive documents have to be disposed off carefully. The process can be complicated when you are handling a significant number of documents. Our shredders are equipped to handle fast destruction of these documents. Guys, we all know that trees provide us many things we need but can’t we follow certain steps to save them? So shred documents which are not needed by you, recycle paper and contribute to environment.

Benefits of recycling paper

Saves spaces in Landfill:    Paper makes 28% of solid waste in landfills and its one tone takes 3.3 cubic land space. Recycling it saves that space for dumping something non-recyclable.
Reduces energy and water consumption: Making recycled pulp in comparison to generating that pulp from trees intake less energy and water. Making use of recycled paper to make no. of products save energy and water used in making them with a paper extracted from tree.
Reduce emission of green house gases: Recycling paper decreases CH4 and CO2 in our surroundings. As when paper is decomposed in landfills, it releases CH4. CH4 along with CO2 contribute to global weather change.
Preserve our natural resources (forest and trees): If we recycle paper , no trees would be cut as told earlier too and it will preserve the forests too

So I hope you will help in saving the mother earth and yourself by shredding your useless or needless documents. Thank you for reading this blog . Please comment your views in the comment section. Have a nice day ahead.