Hello friends. Do you all know when manual filing system came into play? In 1898 Edwin G. Seibels gave the storage solution of cabinets to offices but is it still being followed? Or is it beneficial to follow that? Let’s look upon answers of all such questions in this blog. With an option of digital filing systems being there people are still using manual filing system. The both are competitors in providing document management solution. Let’s look at some of the features of a good filing system to differentiate between the two.


Features of a good filing system

  • Accessibility: –

    In manual filing as files are stored in cabinets, an employee can access them only from one place i.e. the office itself and he can view all files even if he is not supposed to. The only solution to this can be locking cabinets and providing key to employees but what if anyone loses his key? So in short it’s a long procedure to make sure only the concerned person accesses it but another issue remains… that he can access it from the office only. On the other hand in digital filing, files can be accessed from cloud via secure connection using secured login credentials, allowing person to access it from anywhere without risk of documents being stolen, lost or destroyed. A digital filing system provides permission to be set for various documents so there is no risk of employee gaining access to files they shouldn’t.


  • Document searching:

    A cabinet may hold many documents but it can get full and you need to dispose of the documents not needed but what if the ones you considered less important are needed by you? Many a times it happens that information which was considered unnecessary was required in some future product or in order to take any decision. Further there is a chance of document being misfiled. But with digital filing a document has ability to be access to prior versions. And it can be searched easily through indexing done in digital filing.


  • Physical Damage:

     However strong the cabinets are, it will not be  strong enough to protect files from variety of damage viz: it can’t protect it from floods, fires or other adverse conditions. Whereas in digital filing we can maintain files offsite, safe and isolated from damage to office building and infrastructure with regular backups taken to protect your confidential documents as much as possible. These measures keep data secure even when your office isn’t.


  • Scalability:-

    One cabinet consisting of four drawers can store 2500 documents each drawer and in total of 10000 documents and require 119.75 sq. feet office space but cloud storage occupy zero computer memory and zero physical space but can maintain an almost infinite number of files. Thus, Savings of real estate physical space and enabling better usage of that space.


  • Confidentiality:-

    In today’s competitive environment maintaining confidentiality is important. Failure to properly secure and protect confidential information can lead to loss in business/clients. In wrong hands confidential information may be misused to commit illegal activity and digital filing helps in keeping data confidential.


  • Security:-

    In today’s business it is important to secure information whether it is from a person or from any natural disaster. With digital filing you have none of the mentioned security threats. After office is over, only authorised people can see the data.



We have a clear winner i.e. digital filing which dominates over manual filing cabinet system in all six features. It is on top with regard to usability and security. So need to adopt it? Confused as to whom to contact? Contact Retasaan now and get your files digitized.


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