Hello friends, Today we will discuss indexing and its need. It is the process of finding location of files easily and quickly. Indexing means to guide the person to find files instantly. Indexing is used to facilitate virtual as well as real filing system. Digitization makes the files secure while indexing makes locating the file easy.

Importance of Indexing

Record management have a significant importance in an organisation. Record management is concerned with keeping records safely and providing them whenever required. Indexing is a method of record management. Digitization without indexing is meaningless. Some of the features of it are listed below:-

  • Easily locatable: – Indexing finds out the required records or files and facilitates easy location.

  • Save time and efforts: – Indexing gives the ready reference to the records and saves the time and efforts of office.

  • Increase efficiency: – Indexing helps to find the records easily and quickly which increases the efficiency of office.

  • Cross reference: –  A particular record can be maintained in many ways and in many departments. Indexing facilitates searching these records through cross reference.

  • Reduce Cost: – Indexing helps to reduce expenditure spend on salaries of peons who search for files as well as It also saves huge amount of time of higher paid employees as now they don’t have to wait.

Prerequisites for Good Indexing

  • Simplicity: – It should be simple so that everyone can operate it easily.

  • Economical: – The selected indexing system should be economical in installation and operation. It’s benefit should exceed the cost

  • Flexible:- The indexing system should be flexible enough to adjust as per the requirement or increase as records increase

  • Speed :- The effective indexing system should locate files or documents rapidly

  • Suitable :- The good indexing system should be suitable according to size and nature of organisation and the nature of filing

  • Safe: – Selected filing system should be safe enough from being damaged.

  • Consistent:- There should be a consistent use of norms so that files can be retrieved


And the organisation which provides all of the above mentioned features is Retasaan. Guys we are so busy these days but still we keep on locating our important files. Presently we do not understand how much helpful digitization and indexing can be. Why? Because we have some old mindset that O no! We will have to learn all these things and it will waste our time. Younger generation today is digitized but still not to that much extent.  As we all don’t know how much big this security threat is. What if I say it take only 5 minutes in understanding how to look your file on laptop and after that only seconds to open that file.

There is no age to learn and transform. This blog is not just to support indexing but also to make younger generation realize that how much easy they will make it for the older generation if they can impart little knowledge of computer and smart phones to them. Indexing is not only for any organisation, it can also be implemented for managing personal documents. So next time if someone says they don’t know how to do it, teach them and make a step towards Digital India.

Thanks a lot for reading. Stay tuned for more and give your views in comment section