Hello guys! Today we will talk about the methods of disposing off your paper other than shredding. Disposing of important and confidential documents is necessary to protect yourself, your employees as well as your clients. Careless disposing of documents can invite criminals for identity theft. Privacy laws also require that you dispose of information related to your clients securely. Although there are few which you know and do too but are they safe? Well, Safe here not only means safe for yourself are they safe for the environment. Let’s Discover.

Methods of disposing of paper other than shredding

  • Cutting or Tearing into pieces:

     If no. of papers you want to destroy are not large in number than you can apply this method. Use whole punch to riddle most sensitive part of each document with hole, taking care that sensitive information such as social security numbers, is thoroughly destroyed then cut what remains using scissors or hand into small pieces. This method can be effective only if done carefully otherwise its time consuming and inefficient.

  • Burning:

    This method is the safest method for the organisation and most dangerous for the environment. Many organisations destroy paper by this method if they have large stack of documents, they consider burning them in furnace or open outdoors area .For this method you have to feed few paper into fire at a time or tear them into pieces to ensure that they burn thoroughly. This method is safest for the organisation as it result in complete destruction of documents but it’s the most dangerous method for environment and burning outside is not permitted within most city limits ,unless you have a fire permit. But remember if it’s not safe for environment then it’s not safe for you in future.

  • Water:


    Prolonged soaking in water can make any pieces of paper completely unreadable. On small scale this can be done by placing a few sheets of paper inside a reasonable plastic bag filled with water, or on large scale, you can have a large bucket or trash can. Leave documents to soak for few hours or days depending upon the quantity. Once the documents have been destroyed remove water from them as much as possible and place the pulp in a trash bag. Although effective it is highly time consuming and can quickly become very messy.

  • Trash:


    Many people dispose them off in a trash bag and don’t think it important to destroy the confidential information effectively. Well then they face the consequences too. Identity theft is one of them, sometimes even their account no. is stolen and transactions are made by it .This tells that this method is really unsafe and we should not adopt this method.


I know that after reading it, you will understand that shredding is the only safest, effective and time saving method. Wondering, whom to contact? Contact Retasaan now to help you. Although you will need to pay a fee but it will give you a peace of mind as it is ensured that documents are safely destroyed by our shredding machine. To know more contact us.

Thanks for reading the blog. I hope you will understand how much bad these methods are for your organisation and will opt shredding soon.