“Digitization of human being will be a

parody out of doctor knows best “


Now a day’s many industries are transforming as healthcare. It is a strong and growing sector. It is important that all of us as well as medical authorities should preserve the most necessary data on the earth i.e. our medical records. Recently one of my friend’s grandmother had an operation but they didn’t have her previous medical records. It turned out that she had diabetes and it was not beneficial for her to have a surgery. Well this is just one case. There are many other cases also like if you have latest medical record of the concerned person in your phone. You don’t have to rush to your home and get that and the person can be treated easily. Are you all thinking of clicking a picture of your medical record go ahead but how will you preserve all the medical record and will that data be clear. Agree or not Scanning produce more clear image then a camera snap and with digitization it is possible to store data in cloud storage. Visit Retasaan for more info. Well despite these merits many health care industries are still using the traditional approach to store data. To achieve this evolution, the health care firms must take critical decisions. Retasaan helps you to develop and execute a paper free data storage system. Let’s know more about the above topic.

Digital evolution in health care

Digital evolution enables continuous extension of services and data. Digitization has the ability to affect every aspect of care, delivery and operations enabling smarter choices and time preservation. This generation patients are not willing to spend time in so much paper work as they know that it takes a lot of time. They want everything to happen fast whether it is access to doctor, lab results or contact centers. People will use social media to praise your health care center if they got a quick service and can also post negative if they dislike your service.

Improving Patient’s experience

The path to good customer service is difficult and sophisticated. To make your customer a regular customer it’s critical as health have a question of life or death. If not treated on time it may lead to death. For this reason it is difficult to build a long-term, loyal relationship with each customer. Customer expects that he /she receive the same level of personal attention in hospital as they receive on any online platform. Customers are becoming more tech-lovers and demanding. So to live up-to their expectations health care industries must digitize their records. 


Since 2009 health care industries have gone major evolution in opting for electronic medical records (EMRs). In agreement with government regulation, providers, payers and other medical associations have undertaken the long-term project of securing patient’s data electrically but still  an insight tells that health care industry in under invested in security . Don’t think that the patients aren’t aware of this fact. Today more patients are demanding that but privacy still remains a concern .So for that contact Retasaan to have a safe and secure experience of digitizing records.

 So Thanks a lot everyone for reading this blog. I hope next time you visit a hospital, you recommend them to digitize your records and I hope health firms understand the importance of digitization. Hospitals are required to maintain detailed records of each patient for future access. These need to be easily retrievable over an extended period of time. Thanks again and wait for the next blog. Till then keep enjoying the digital world.