“Digitization”, well friends it’s a term which we hear about the most but have we ever wondered what it is? Well many of you will say it is a process of converting information into digital format but is this enough to be known? No there are many facts about digitization which are untouched, unfolded. Today, my friends, we will discuss those topics in depth. Digitization can not only convert your documents but also information in form of audio or image to digital. It is in short analog to digital conversion.


Why Digitization?

Before using anything we always ask ourselves a question why? So here the answer of this why for digitization is:-

  • Loads of documents: – An organisation whether small or big has many documents which is needed by it time to time and hence some big organisations hire a peon who can just go and pick up the file. Ok may be the peon brings to you the correct file but if on his way he drops a paper , that is only a paper for him but for you it had some important information. So is it correct? No it’s not. So what is its solution? Correct digitization is the solution. By opting for digitization you can access your documents anytime you need them, quickly and in a safe and secure manner. So for every organisation it is necessary to have an accessible and secure manner of looking its confidential documents. So is your organisation using this efficient method?

  • Time saving:-So now when your files are digitized another method that comes into play is indexing which is again really necessary as it enables you to search documents in any way you want. Either by date or by files name or anything else. So make sure your service provider not only digitize your documents but also does its indexing. As it will save a lot of your valuable time. As a survey indicates that we spend 20 hours a week just in searching documents. Lots of time wastage! But that was before, now we can save that time by using digitization.

  • Secured: – As told in the first point, this is not a safe and secure manner of storing your documents in a room full of file racks or on a table as anyone can read it. What if I told you that even the workers of the company digitizing it will not read it? You will say it’s impossible but its possible now with Retasaan. It converts your documents in a secure manner so that even the people uploading it can’t read it, let alone others who do not have access to the individualised encrypted password

Retasaan provides a computer based virtual filing solution that provide easy and affordable paper less storage and instant retrieval capabilities, adapted to customer needs

  • Environment friendly: – There are many documents whose physical copy is not required by us so we can just simply recycle that paper. And if we digitize completely then we will become paper free. Saving of paper usage leads to reduction in tree cutting and saves the earth

So if you want to enter the digital world you are just a step away. I hope you all must have understood as to why we need digitization? If anyone wants to elaborate more or just give your views on the topic. Comment.

At last I would end the blog by this statement “We are the one who can prevent the threat of documents being stolen as it is well said “Prevention is better than cure”. Here for data security digitization is both prevention as well as cure; it’s your choice what you make it for your organisation, Prevention or Cure.

Thanks a lot for reading this blog. Hope it inspires you to transform and become digital. If you still have any queries your comments are welcomed in blog’s comment section. Till then think digital, be digital and encourage being digital.