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If not shredding than what?

Hello guys! Today we will talk about the methods of disposing off your paper other than shredding. Disposing of important and confidential documents is necessary to protect yourself, your employees as well as your clients. Careless disposing of documents can invite criminals for identity theft. Privacy laws also require that you dispose of information related […]

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Manual Filing V/S Digital Filing


Hello friends. Do you all know when manual filing system came into play? In 1898 Edwin G. Seibels gave the storage solution of cabinets to offices but is it still being followed? Or is it beneficial to follow that? Let’s look upon answers of all such questions in this blog. With an option of digital […]

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“Indexing and its need”

Hello friends, Today we will discuss indexing and its need. It is the process of finding location of files easily and quickly. Indexing means to guide the person to find files instantly. Indexing is used to facilitate virtual as well as real filing system. Digitization makes the files secure while indexing makes locating the […]

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“Digitization”- a necessity

“Digitization”, well friends it’s a term which we hear about the most but have we ever wondered what it is? Well many of you will say it is a process of converting information into digital format but is this enough to be known? No there are many facts about digitization which are untouched, unfolded. Today, […]

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4 HR Leaders On Digital World of Work

Views of 4 HR Leaders On Digital World of Work 
Hey guys! As we all know this is the era of Digital HR. It is coming fast into the world, bringing together social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies efficiency of an organisation but its power have only commenced.
Let’s see the views of different HR specialists to […]

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